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Upgraded version as a commercial version.

Multilingual support, high resolution support, 16: 9 widescreen support, partial image refinement by illustrators Shigatake and Ryubuchi Haku, additional story to draw afterwards, change in play due to change in possession technique specifications , Added various convenient functions such as event skip and KARON My Set

When will it be released?

When is the release date?

We are planning to attend the Steam Next Festival from October 1st to October 7th.

At that time, a trial version will be released on Steam.

The planned release date of the product version is scheduled for Q2 2022.


What is the difference from the free version?

It supports a wide screen and you can feel the spread in the world.

It supports high resolution, and you can play with a large screen and beautiful images.

Mr. Shigatake will participate in the refinement of portrait graphics and other weapons, and Mr. Haku Ryubuchi will participate in some bosses, making it a new visual with high resolution.

The specifications and contents of possession techniques have been redesigned, allowing you to experience a new sense of play.

​ We are also looking for other changes in playability.

We are planning an additional story ahead of the story.

Convenient functions such as event skipping, which were often requested but difficult to introduce and abandoned in the free version, have also been realized with the participation of the DX library author.

Strong and new games may be implemented if there are many requests.


​What are the supported platforms?

We are planning a PC version on Steam.

Others are undecided.


What is an additional story?

Since the free version was not drawn at a later date, I plan to draw it after that.

We are working hard.


Besides Steam​ Are there any other exposures?

I am planning to participate in the Tokyo Game Show 2021.


​About the revision development team

Mr. Shigatake, Mr. Haku Ryubuchi, on the graphic

​ We are welcoming Mr. Yamada, a DX library developer, to the program.


Do you have a voice?

There are currently no plans for that.


Will the song change?

Those that require permission are almost the same because they have permission.

If we cannot confirm it, we will replace it.


What happens to some inappropriate images?

Unfortunately it will be changed to all ages.

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